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With over 25 years of existence in our field, we have gained incredible expertise in providing services in terms of process development, technical evaluation studies, design of plants, oil refinery equipment, solvent extraction plant, improvement and expansion of existing facilities, studies from the point of view of pollution prevention, energy conservation and staff training

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Filteration Section

Hydrogenation PlantsHorizontal Pressure Leaf Filter
Glamptech's horizontal pressure leaf filter consists of horizontally mounted leaves, pneumatic vibrator assembly, hydraulic power pack for dismantling of shell side and bottom structural housing. The shell can be separated from the dish end by hydraulic system and the leaves are easily accessible for cleaning. Because of cleaning facility of leaves this filter is more suitable where deposits are more. The filtration area ranges from 2 mē to 100 mē.

Hydrogenation PlantsVertical Pressure Leaf Filter
Glamptech's vertical pressure leaf filter mainly consists of vertical pressure with concial bottom, vertically arranged filter leaves, pneumatic vibrator assembly for dry cake discharge and butterfly valves at the conical bottom discharge with actuator. One of our salient features is the automatic discharge of cake. Stainless steel filter leaves eliminate the use of filter cloth, which enables to reuse filter in minimum time. The filtration area ranges from 10 mē to 50 mē.

Hydrogenation PlantCartridge Filter
Glamptech's cartridge type filters are designed for use with standard cartridge available in various sizes and mesh, varying from 1 to 5 microns such as diamond wound filter cartridges, pleated filter cartridges, activated filter cartridges and ceramic and porous stainless steel cartridges. Glamptech will be glad to meet your specific request in accordance to your factory standard.

Hydrogenation PlantsPolish Filter
Glamptech's polish filter is available in 1 to 5 microns with single bag or system for efficient and economic filtration solvent liquid, vegetable oil, syrup with low medium solid content and they are designed for use with standard filter bag. In this filter, the filtration is done through a filter bag made of filter cloth. The liquid enters inside a bag and comes out after filtration on the outside periphery. The filter cake has to be cleaned by removal of the bag. Hence they are installed in pairs but used at a time.

Hydrogenation PlantsFilter Elements
The filter element is the actual heart of each filter and most problems with pressure leaf filters are caused by poor leaf construction and design. Glamptech provides a variety of filter leaves differing in shape, design and material choice. We also repair and rebuild your filter elements. Filter elements are available in any form viz. Single layer, multi layer, with or without frame made form optimal wire mesh meeting all; your requirements. Glamptetch has supplied various types of filters for vegetable oil industries all over India and also in several countries like EGYPT, SYRIA, NIGERIA, MEXICO, SRI LANKA, LEBANON etc. Just to name a few.